Pacific Frase is now a partner of DigiCert certificate authority for its SSL products in Malaysia. As one of the largest certificate providers in the world, DigiCert certificates are trusted by virtually every browser in use today, mail clients and operating systems.

It is now easier than ever to obtain identity assurance for your websites, servers (including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft IIS and Apache) and PKI systems. We are an Authorized Reseller for DigiCert™ SSL, a WebTrust Certified SSL Certificate Authority.

Digicert products below are available through this local partnership:

  • WildCard SSL Certificate
  • UC (SAN) Certificate
  • EV SSL Extended Validation
  • SSL Plus Certificate

Through Pacific Frase, users in Malaysia can now obtain consultation and support for Digicert products. In addition to SSL certificates, we offer DigiCert code signing certificates and document signing certificates. We also issue the certificates and configure them upon the clients’ request.