Quantum computer exploits the phenomenon of quantum superposition, where or quantum bits (qubits), can represent zero, one, or both at the same time. It’s the ability of strings of qubits to, in some sense, simultaneously explore multiple solutions to a problem that promises computational speedups.

An entanglement quantum state is made of two or more particles held in a multitude of undecided outcomes. Such states are fuel for quantum computing and bring security to quantum communication.

Integrate quantum technology as provider of solutions for the security of information for establishment such as the defense ministry, government, finance, energy, communication. Has landed in the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions, Pacific Frase is the largest quantum communications equipment and quantum information systems service provider and implementer.

Patents of the quantum communication technology includes quantum encrypted mobile communication technology series, high integration terminal and so on.

Products include quantum communication network equipment, terminal equipment, core devices, scientific instruments, and systematic control and application software, to provide telecommunications infrastructure, government private network, public cloud, private cloud, large data and other information service platform.

National High-Tech Enterprise

  • Commercial password product sales license
  • Commercial password products produce fixed-point certificate
  • Software Enterprise Certification
  • Software Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI4 level certification
  • GB / T19001-2008 / ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification
  • Information system integration and service qualification
  • Full qualification in a core area

Member of the International Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Quantum-safe communication solutions provide basic services such as voice-activated voice, fax, and file transfers.

In the quantum network terminal equipment (quantum gateway), integrate integrated access system, support for telephone, fax, IP phones, multimedia terminals and other communications terminal equipment access. Access system can convert all kinds of standard protocols, the parsed data transmission to the quantum gateway for processing, and then into the traditional IP network transmission. This approach not only ensures the security of both parties, but also in the quantum network access to a variety of standard applications.

Quantum Key Management Service SystemThe quantum key management service system mainly implements the quantum device management, the quantum key generation control and the quantum key relay routing control function, supports the large scale, the expandable quantum key distribution network organization. Typical applications: can be used for metro communication system business operation control, can be used for backbone network quantum communication system business operation control to achieve the management of quantum devices to achieve the generation of quantum generation terminal pairing control between, the realization of cross-regional, diverse key routing calculation.

Quantum Key Generation Control System. Mainly for the formation of small-scale network needs, to achieve quantum device management, quantum key generation control and other functions. Point-to-point quantum communication link operation control is based quantum communication network operation control, to achieve the management of generating quantum between the pairing control.